Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tip #10

With all the traffic lately the studio and the presses have sort of taken a beating. Which makes it time for a naggy post about cleaning! So, here's a tip, plus a bunch of reminders:

Tip #10:
Remove the lockup bar (or push it to the front of the press) when it's time for cleanup. It commonly sits at the end of the press bed - so when you roll out the carriage for cleaning, oil and solvent can drip onto the lockup bar:

Which can result in gunky oil build-up and/or rust (below):

Reminder #1:
Dirty rags (i.e., rags that have any amount of ink, oil or solvent) go in the red fireproof bin in the Printshop. They do not belong on the table:

Nor do they go back in the clean rag drawer:
They go in the fireproof bin because they are a fire hazard!

Reminder #2: 
Put away furniture, quoin, key and other tools!

Reminder #3: 
Be gentle with our Boxcar bases. They are not indestructible, so please do not make cuts on them, drop them, drop other stuff on them, etc. Our large base (which cost over $500) and our small base are showing some damage:

Reminder #4:
Don't leave the rollers up in the vertical position! This is only for cleaning!

Reminder #5:
Make sure the rollers are in the UP position - unlike in the photo below!

And lastly, Reminder #6: Please remember to sign in, sign out AND get a staff member to initial the log sheet when using the studio (even if you are trading in volunteer hours!) We are all responsible for keeping the presses and studio in good shape and this provides a good way to troubleshoot when things go wrong!
Note: Unlike some of my other photos, the one above is intentionally blurry!

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