Friday, December 24, 2010

Tip #2

When printing halftone images, try using glossy paper instead of matte paper. Here's a photo of two halftone prints (from a photopolymer plate!):

These were printed on two sides of the exact same paper. The one in the upper left was on the matte side while the one on the lower right was on the glossy side. All other factors were exactly the same: same press, same ink, same amount of packing. I still can't believe the difference in quality between the two prints. The next time you want to print a halftone image, consider getting some glossy paper to test out!

I hope everyone has a great xmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tip #1

This is a new series of posts of info that will hopefully help you make better prints and become a better sharer of the studio.

So here's our first tip:

I will sheepishly admit that I only learned this pretty recently: When cleaning the form rollers (the rubber ones), you should rub the rollers in ONE direction. This helps squeeze out the ink rather than push it deeper into the rollers (which is what happens when you rub back and forth). Having tried both of these methods, I really do think that going in one direction is more effective. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Hour 12.15.10

At Happy Hour last night, I made some last minute Christmas gifts for my niece. Being the eldest sibling myself, I remembered how important it was to show my siblings what was MINE. So, I thought Maddy might like some bookplates, in case her younger sister had any confusion about which books were hers.

For these, I used a cut from Pyramid's collection of an old timey bell ringer guy (I forgot what these guys were called?!) with the typeface Wedding Text:

For the second kind, I used another of Pyramid's cuts (one of a shouting guy) with Goudy Heavyface:

As it turns out, there wasn't much other letterpress going on during Letterpress Happy Hour. Instead, it looks a little more like Craft Hour with Melanie, Sabeth and Patty all working on their own individual crafty projects!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2011 Pyramid Atlantic Letterpress Calendar

I've finally crunched all the numbers and it looks like this year's Letterpress Calendar fundraiser project raised over $1,500 for Pyramid! The calendar (edition of 100) sold out in less than two weeks after its debut at this year's Book Arts Fair.

Since I haven't posted any photos of the calendar on this blog yet, here we go...

These photos were taken by Alyson Hurt (January designer):

Here are some photos of our assembly party taken by Alyson, Erin Brophy (February designer) and myself:

And lastly, a little video that Bridget Stoyko took while we were printing the second color of her March design:

Thanks again to everyone that participated:

  • Calendar designers: Alyson Hurt, Erin Brophy, Bridget Stoyko, Sarah Hanks, Matt Hyson, Hadiya Williams, Sara Shaffer, Erica Schuetz, Moira McCauley, Melanie Karlins, Tess Sammarco, Amelia Smith and Sarah Noreen
  • Paper cutters/assemblers/ribbon tiers: Patricia Lee, Anne Clewall, Jocelyn Chiu, Beck Levy, Megha Even

Stay tuned for next year's calendar!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Atlas Holiday Market - Saturday December 11th

Melanie and I will be selling some of our stationery, along with goodies from Pyramid printers Moira McCauley, Sarah Noreen, Sarah Hanks and Steve Cole at the Atlas Holiday Market this Saturday!

We'll be selling letterpress holiday cards as well as stationery/prints/posters that would make great gifts. Come visit us between 2-8pm (Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H Street NE)!

Here are some of Melanie's holiday items (also available at her etsy shop):
  • Some really cute/funny gift tags:

  • Wood type holiday cards:

  • Holiday cards featuring a trifecta of typeforms: wood type, metal type and photopolymer!

And a couple of my holiday items:
  • My "merry christmas" cards done in 4 colors (yep, a registration nightmare):

  • And some Christmas tree gift tags decorated featuring tree decorations entirely from letters and punctuation in Baskerville:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Hour 12.1.10

Photos from last night's happy hour!

Steve Cole and Leslie Smith happily setting type:

 Type Steve set for his next poster... I can't wait to see it in print!

Our Vandercooks in full Christmas mode:

Some Chrismas things that I printed:

And some soon-to-be ettiquette bookmarks printed by Melanie:

The things that Melanie and I printed will be at Pyramid's Swap & Shop this Saturday!  Here's the info if you're interested in signing up or stopping by:

Date: Saturday, Dec 4
Time: 11 am - 3 pm
Place: 8230 Georgia Avenue
This is your chance to sell or trade your unwanted supplies and handmade goods, and mingle with fellow Pyramid members. 
We’re looking for folks with the following items in usable condition and quantities:
  • general art supplies, used art and design books,
  • printmaking supplies and tools-- lino blocks, squeegees, letterpress stuff, etching tools,
  • handmade paper,
  • bookbinding supplies,
  • hand-printed stationery,
  • hand-printed tees/totes, 
  • small prints-- proofs, goofs, and overstock only, no gallery prices or pieces allowed!
The Swap & Shop is open to Pyramid members, volunteers, and associates.  Table space is FREE but limited to the first 20 responders! (Table and chair provided.)
Email Laura to reserve your space today