Thursday, December 9, 2010

2011 Pyramid Atlantic Letterpress Calendar

I've finally crunched all the numbers and it looks like this year's Letterpress Calendar fundraiser project raised over $1,500 for Pyramid! The calendar (edition of 100) sold out in less than two weeks after its debut at this year's Book Arts Fair.

Since I haven't posted any photos of the calendar on this blog yet, here we go...

These photos were taken by Alyson Hurt (January designer):

Here are some photos of our assembly party taken by Alyson, Erin Brophy (February designer) and myself:

And lastly, a little video that Bridget Stoyko took while we were printing the second color of her March design:

Thanks again to everyone that participated:

  • Calendar designers: Alyson Hurt, Erin Brophy, Bridget Stoyko, Sarah Hanks, Matt Hyson, Hadiya Williams, Sara Shaffer, Erica Schuetz, Moira McCauley, Melanie Karlins, Tess Sammarco, Amelia Smith and Sarah Noreen
  • Paper cutters/assemblers/ribbon tiers: Patricia Lee, Anne Clewall, Jocelyn Chiu, Beck Levy, Megha Even

Stay tuned for next year's calendar!


  1. Thanks, Aly. And thanks again for taking such awesome photos (and letting us use them)!