Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Hour 12.15.10

At Happy Hour last night, I made some last minute Christmas gifts for my niece. Being the eldest sibling myself, I remembered how important it was to show my siblings what was MINE. So, I thought Maddy might like some bookplates, in case her younger sister had any confusion about which books were hers.

For these, I used a cut from Pyramid's collection of an old timey bell ringer guy (I forgot what these guys were called?!) with the typeface Wedding Text:

For the second kind, I used another of Pyramid's cuts (one of a shouting guy) with Goudy Heavyface:

As it turns out, there wasn't much other letterpress going on during Letterpress Happy Hour. Instead, it looks a little more like Craft Hour with Melanie, Sabeth and Patty all working on their own individual crafty projects!

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