Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthday Party photos!

Here are some photos from last week's celebration of Pyramid's 31st birthday! Here was guests got to make in the letterpress studio, a fun greeting card to go along with the party's Olympics theme:

With your choice of Olympic-ring colored envelope!

Here's Lauren, Janine and Leslie finishing up with set up:

Some guests printing their cards with the help of our volunteers:

A couple shots of Erin manning the scoring station, where guests scored their cards and chose their envelopes:

And a photo of our Letterpress Marketplace where guests could check out and buy letterpress goodies made by various artists that use our studio (manned by the family Karlins!):

And here are some photos of the activities going on in the other studios!

In the Bindery, visitors selected a pre-made book cover:

And then got to sew the pages in and foil stamp them, with help from Bookmaking Associates Patty Lee and Linda Rollins:

Papermaking Associate Laura Kinneberg helped people make paper medals:

And in the Screenprint Studio, Associates Marty Ittner and Becca Katz helped everyone do two-color screenprinted bags to hold all the goodies from the other studios:

Thanks again to our awesome volunteers! Hope to see you at next year's party!

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