Sunday, February 6, 2011

Call for Volunteers!


Pyramid'll be celebrating its 30th birthday in April, and we had the idea to make a box set of birthday cards for sale in conjunction with the celebration. The idea is to get volunteers (you) to design and print a birthday card (edition size TBD) to contribute to the set. 

-You create a design and print a card (edition size will be determined shortly)
-Studio time spent working on this project will be free (but still needs to be scheduled in advance)
-You will receive volunteer hours for time spent printing your cards
-Each participant will get to keep one set for themselves
-The rest of the sets will be sold with all funds going directly to Pyramid
-We will provide the paper
-If you choose to use photopolymer, you'll have to cover the cost of the plates
-The deadline to complete all your prints will be Friday, April 1

Please email Julia at if you're interested in participating and she will email you with more details/design specs. Also, please note that you need to be certified to print/rent on your own to participate in this project. If you are not yet experienced enough to do this, please consider pairing up with someone who is, or taking the workshops/lessons necessary to be certified!

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