Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tip #7

This tip comes from Sarah Noreen, an excellent printer who designed the December page in the 2011 PA Letterpress Calendar. To facilitate registration, she does test prints on tracing paper.... SO smart! I know I've shown some of you how to do tests on copy paper and compare alignment using the lightbox. It's the same idea, but this way is so much simpler! Just do your print on the tracing paper and then line it up with your actual paper to see where it'll print in relation to your paper's edges or previously printed colors!

Sarah's card had a little cutout window, so she used the tracing paper to place her pretty border around the window:


  1. Does the tracing paper have to be the exact size of the printing paper?--Marty

  2. Nope. When lining up the tracing paper with your printing paper, just make sure it lines up in the corner where the edge along the side guide and the edge along the gripper bar meet. In the photo above, it's the corner that's close to the left edge of the photo.

    In the photo, it looks like Sarah's actually using it differently. It looks like she printed onto the tracing paper and is now lining up the card so that the frame lines up around the card's window, which would work too.