Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Call for Volunteers: 2012 PA Letterpress Calendar!

We're getting ready to start planning out our annual fundraising project, the PA Letterpress Calendar! We're going to need 13-14 volunteers to design and print a page (one for each month + the front/back covers) . See info below:

In 2010, former Letterpress Associate Moira McCauley started this calendar fundraising project. Each month (plus the cover) was designed and printed by a different Pyramid letterpresser. The assembled calendars were then sold with all proceeds going directly to Pyramid. It was such a great project that we've started doing it annually! Photos of the previous calendars:

2011 Calendar (photos courtesy of Alyson Hurt):

2010 Calendar (photos courtesy of Melanie Karlins):

Now we're putting out the call for volunteers for the 2012 calendar! Please see the info below:
-Sign up: Friday August 12.
See instructions to sign up below. If we have more than 14 people volunteer, we'll use a weighted lottery system to determine who will be participating (giving preference to people who haven't done the calendar before and/or active volunteers). Shortly after this date, I'll email you your assigned months and specs.

-Critique: Wednesday September 7 (tentative).

This year, we're requiring that all participants take part in an informal critique. It's not necessary to have a final design at this point--just enough to show what you're planning on doing and how (via setting type/photopolymer/linocut etc.) Sketches/computer printouts are fine.

-Final due date: Friday October 14.

All printing should be done by this date. We'll take the following week to assemble all the calendars.

Other info:
-Print run: TBD (in the range of 100-125)
-# colors: Due to the crunch on the studio, we're limiting all pages to 2 colors.
-Size: TBD
-Studio time for this project will be free.
-Pyramid will provide the paper and ink.
-Any other materials (photopolymer plates, linoleum blocks) will not be covered.
-Each participant will receive 2 copies of the final calendar to keep + volunteer hours.

-You must be certified to print in the letterpress studio independently. If you are not currently certified - you still have time!
-You must be willing/available to meet the deadlines for the critique and the final print deadline.

Sign up:

-To sign up, email Julia by August 12.
-Include your first and second choice for which page you'd like to do (which month and/or cover)

Please let us know if you have any questions! I hope you'll all consider participating!

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